[Distutils] devpi-{server-2.2.2,web-2.4.0,client-2.3.0} releases

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Thu Jul 9 14:25:23 CEST 2015

We just released devpi-server-2.2.2, devpi-web-2.4.0 and devpi-client-2.3.0,
core parts of the private pypi package management and testing system.

Among the highlights are support for distributed testing with "devpi test --detox",
new status pages at "/+status" for replica and master sites and support for
configuring upload formats when running "devpi upload".

None of the changes require an export/import cycle on the server side if
you used devpi-server-2.2.X before.  However, please read the respective
changelog entries below for some notes and potentially
backward-incompatible changes.  See the home page for docs and tutorials:


have fun,
Holger Krekel and Florian Schulze

contracting: http://merlinux.eu


- make replica thread more robust by catching more exceptions

- Remove duplicates in plugin version info

- track timestamps for event processing and replication and expose in /+status

- implement devpiweb_get_status_info hook for devpi-web >= 2.4.0 status messages

- UPGRADE NOTE: if devpi-web is installed, you have to request
  ``application/json`` for ``/+status``, or you might get a html page.

- address issue246: refuse uploading release files if they do not
  contain the version that was transferred with the metadata of
  the upload request.

- fix issue248: prevent change of index type after creation


- macros.pt: Add autofocus attribute to search field

- macros.pt and style.css: Moved "How to search?" to the right of the search
  button and adjusted width of search field accordingly.

- fix issue244: server status info

  - added support for status message plugin hook ``devpiweb_get_status_info``
  - macros.pt: added macros ``status`` and ``statusbadge`` and placed them
    below the search field.
  - added status.pt: shows server status information

- toxresults.pt: fix missing closing ``div`` tag.


- fix issue247: possible password leakage to log in devpi-client

- new experimental "-d|--detox" option to run tests via the "detox" distributed testing
  tool instead of "tox" which runs test environments one by one.

- address issue246: make sure we use vcs-export also for building docs (and
  respect --no-vcs for all building activity)

- address issue246: copy VCS repo dir to temporary upload dir to help
  with setuptools_scm. Warn if VCS other than hg/git are used because
  we don't copy the repo in that case for now and thus cause incompatibility
  with setuptools_scm.

- (new,experimental) read a "[devpi:upload]" section from a setup.cfg file
  with a "formats" setting that will be taken if no "--formats" option
  is specified to "devpi upload".  This allows to specify the default
  artefacts that should be created along with a project's setup.cfg file.
  Also you can use a ``no-vcs = True`` setting to induce the ``--no-vcs``

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