[Distutils] Requesting the removal of an empty / abandoned PyPi package

Makoto makoto at makoto.io
Mon Jun 29 01:31:30 CEST 2015


I was told to send an e-mail to this address to request the removal of 
what appears to be a completely empty and abandoned PyPi package, so 
that I may make use of the package name.

This is the package in question:

This is the project I wish to submit to PyPi, which also uses the name 

(It's really just a single very simple module that adds a simple 
typewriter animation to print, but I can't think of any other real uses 
for the package name "typewriter" and even if it is really simple it 
seems like something that would be useful to others.)

My PyPi username is " FujiMakoto" if that is needed.
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