[Distutils] PyPI and Uploading Documentation

Donald Stufft donald at stufft.io
Sun May 17 02:51:32 CEST 2015

Ok, so unless someone comes out against this in the near future here are my

1. Implement the ability to delete documentation.

2. Implement the ability to add a (simple) redirect where we would essentially
   just send /<project>/(.*) to $REDIRECT_BASE/$1.

3. Implement the ability to point the documentation URL to something that isn't

4. Send an email out to all projects that are currently utilizing the hosted
   documentation telling that it is going away, and give them links to RTD and
   GithubPages and whatever bitbucket calls their service.

5. Disable Documentation Uploads to PyPI with an error message that tells
   people the service has been discontinued.

In addition to the above steps, we'll maintain any documentaton that doesn't
get deleted (and the above redirects) indefinitely. Serving static read only
documentation (other than deletes) is something that we can do without much
trouble or cost.

I think that this will cover all of the things that people in this thread have
brought up as well as providing a sane migration path to go from
pythonhosted.org documentation to wherever they choose to place their docs in
the future.

Donald Stufft
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