[Distutils] sampleproject: use tox?

Chris Jerdonek chris.jerdonek at gmail.com
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On Thursday, October 8, 2015, Thomas Güttler <guettliml at thomas-guettler.de>

> This is a follow up to the thread "Where should I put tests when packaging
> python modules?"
> I have never used tox up to now. But reading the mails of the thread, it
> seems
> that tox is the current state of the art.
> This leads me to the conclusion that the sample project should use tox.
> Any reasons not to do it?

In my experience, tox is most useful when developing something that needs
to work (and be tested) against multiple Python versions,
environments, etc. For projects where the environment is fixed (e.g. an
internal application), this isn't necessarily needed. So tox may be an
unnecessary addition in those cases.


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