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On Thu, Oct 22, 2015 at 8:47 AM, Thomas Güttler <
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> >     I have a dream: For packaging and building package provides only
> **data**. Data is condition-less: No single "if", "def" or method call.
> Just data: json or yaml ...
> >
> >     Even for complex packages.

It's a nice dream -- but I think there is more or less a consensus on this
list that you really can't do everything completely declaratively. I know I
would find it very frustrating to have to hard-code everything up front.

But we do have a bad situtation now where you can't know the metadata until
you've run setup.py -- not good.

Maybe we need to add a configure step:

a configure_package.py that would return the full set of metadata -- or
maybe a dict that could be passed right on to:


In the simple cases, this would simply return a static dict, but it would
be a hook where people could do whatever they need.

Perhaps sdists would have had the configure step already run -- not sure
about that one off the bat, but it would be kind of like distributing a
source tarball with autotools already run.

I think this may be a bit where the sdist conversation was going (at least
on one side-track...): you might have sdists that are customized to the

"this sdist is for numpy running on Windows with OpenBLAS"

that sort of thing.

I THINK, once you'd broken it down to that level, you could have static


> >     This data gets processed by setuptools. I don't see a need for more
> than one library doing this. Plugins are nice and can solve edge cases.
> >
> >
> > setuptools is one bloated piece of code that contains too much features.
> I'd prefer more lean and mean package.
> Yes, your are rigth. I'd like a lean and mean package, too.
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