[Distutils] New PyPUG Tutorials

Marcus Smith qwcode at gmail.com
Sat Oct 24 15:25:13 EDT 2015

As some of you may already know, Nicole from the Warehouse team has
initiated an effort to improve our packaging tutorials, and have them
linked in the new Warehouse UI (https://github.com/pypa/warehouse/issues/729

Although originally the idea was to create additional tutorials (but still
maintain consistency with the "Python Packaging User Guide", aka "PyPUG"),
after further discussions, we've decided to just improve the 2 existing
PyPUG sections that we have (for installation and distribution), with the
goal being to improve the accessibilty for new users, and in general to
improve the quality and overall style and experience.

Nicole has already gathered a group of volunteer writers, and there's a
plan in place to manage the process from planning to release.

To have the most success, the writers will certainly need feedback from
subject matter experts, so the process will include 2 stages where we
specifically ask for feedback from PyPA-Dev and Distutils-Sig:  1) To
validate the initial proposal that covers the scope of the changes, and 2)
to review the actual PRs to PyPUG for accuracy, when it's time for merging.
  I'll post again with more details as those stages occur.

As someone who has slowly chipped away on the PyPUG for the last 2 years,
I'm excited about the prospect of being able to make a big jump in quality
very quickly.


P.S. for anyone here who wants to be on the core writing team, see
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