[Distutils] How to deprecate a python package

Alexander Walters tritium-list at sdamon.com
Tue Apr 5 18:37:58 EDT 2016

On 4/5/2016 18:34, Glyph wrote:
> Perhaps, before anyone tries to make pip doing something mechanical about deprecations, we should just have the website itself do this sort of redirect?  Removing the download would be drastic; giving people an interstitial that says "This package is no longer maintained, please use $X instead" would be very informative.
> -glyph

I don't remember the last time I used the pypi website.  I use pypi 
every day.  I don't know if I am weird, but redirecting web views would 
do nothing for me.  Redirecting packages is pure evil.

I really think the best course of action is for the maintainer to 
release a final version of the package that warns on install and import.

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