[Distutils] wheel including files it shouldn't

Steve Dower steve.dower at python.org
Thu Apr 28 12:46:02 EDT 2016

On 27Apr2016 1445, Paul Moore wrote:
> Personally, I agree with Donald that the "normal" process of building
> a distribution should be:
> 1. Build the sdist.
> 2. Build wheels *from* that sdist.
> 3. Check the built sdist and wheels.
> 4. Upload the files once you've confirmed they are OK.
> The tools should make that as transparent as possible (I'm not averse
> to a command that builds sdist and wheels together, but such a command
> could easily use the sdist to build the wheels "behind the scenes")
> and there may be special cases (incremental builds of wheels when a
> full recompile is a significant cost) but those are quality of
> implementation details.

One extra task that I often need is the ability to separate bdist_ext 
from bdist_wheel, so that I can apply modifications to built modules 
(e.g. code signing) before packaging up the wheel.

There's probably a way to insert this step using a setuptools extension 
or a setup.py hack, but it's actually most convenient to have two 
completely separate commands (or options) for building and packaging.


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