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On Fri, Feb 5, 2016 at 8:39 AM, AltSheets Dev <
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> > consider adding some code to the installer itself
> Wouldn't it be great if setuptools.setup provided that option, and
> OS-independent?

well, no. setuptools is a bit of an (ugly?) amalgamation of build tool,
install tool, etc...

we are trying to clean that up, so that setuptools is a built tool, and pip
is the install tool (and each can be replaced by other options for your

so it would be pip that would need a post-install-hook.

Thought that's tricky too -- where would you put that code, with binary
wheels, or ???

You might look at the conda package manager -- I"m pretty sure it has a
post-install hook.


Great. That sounds as if it is perhaps the way to go then, thanks a lot.
> Sounds as if it can do exactly what I need.
> However then ... aren't I stuck with a windows-only solution?

yup. :-(



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