[Distutils] draft PEP: manylinux1

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 08:39:48 EST 2016

On 21 January 2016 at 23:30, Leonardo Rochael Almeida
<leorochael at gmail.com> wrote:
> I think it would be nice to have the following options as well:
> --no-binary-from <origin_control>
> --only-binary-from <origin_control>
> This way I could block binaries from PyPI but allow from my private index
> where they were compiled with my favorite compiler or on the closest
> platform possible to my production, or with my favorite compilation flags
> present in the environment.

I quite like that idea, but I don't think it needs to be linked to the
PEP - it can just be an enhancement request for pip (It applies just
as much to other platforms as it does Linux, and even for Linux,
private indices can already be used to host prebuilt Linux binaries).


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