[Distutils] draft PEP: manylinux1

Chris Barker chris.barker at noaa.gov
Thu Jan 21 14:42:57 EST 2016

nice, idea, but....


These are all X11, yes? pretty much any workstation will have these, but in
general, servers won't.

Someone on this thread suggested that that's OK -- don't expect a GUI
package to work on a linux box without a GUI. But some of these libs might
get used for stuff like back-end rendering, etc, so would be expected to
work on a headless box. I think Anaconda an Canopy have gotten away with
this because both of their user bases are primarily desktop data analysis
type of stuff -- not web services, web servers, etc.

Then there is the "additional libs" problem. Again, Anaconda and Canopy can
do this because they are providing those libs - lots of stuff you'd
generally expect to be there in a typical *nix system stuff like libpng,
libjpeg, who knows what they heck else.

So without a plan to provide all that stuff -- I"m not sure of the utility
of this -- how are you gong to get PIL/Pillow to work? statically link up
the ying-yang? Not sure the linux world will take to that.

Anyway, maybe we just need to try and see how it shakes out....



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