[Distutils] new devpi releases (2.6.0) with pip-search/offline mode support

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Fri Jan 29 06:02:06 EST 2016

This trinity release of devpi, the private packaging and workflow
system, is drop-in compatible to earlier releases and comes with these

- support for pip search on the server side which is also configured
  when "devpi use" writes to pip configuration files.

- explicit --offline-mode for devpi-server to avoid trying
  unneccessary and potentially laggy network requests and to
  streamline simple pages to only contain releases that are locally
  cached. thanks Daniel Panteleit for the PR.

- push from root/pypi to other indexes works now.

Docs are to be found as usual at:


This release brought to you mainly by Florian Schulze and me
and a few still unnamed sponsoring companies.  Speaking of which,
if you need support, training, adjustments wrt packaging and
professional testing you may contact us through http://merlinux.eu.

You can also expect devpi-server-3.0 soon, a major new release which
is to bring improvements like generalized mirroring, storage 
backends, speed and internal code cleanups.


devpi-server-2.6.0 (2016-1-29)

- fix issue262: new experimental option --offline-mode will prevent
  devpi-server from even trying to perform network requests and it
  also strip all non-local release files from the simple index.
  Thanks Daniel Panteleit for the PR.

- fix issue304: mark devpi-server versions older than 2.2.x as incompatible
  and requiring an import/export cycle.

- fix issue296: try to fetch files from master again when requested, if there
  were checksum errors during replication.

- if a user can't be found during authentication (with ``setup.py upload`` for
  example), then the http return code is now 401 instead of 404.

- fix issue293: push from root/pypi to another index is now supported

- fix issue265: ignore HTTP(S) proxies when checking if the server is
                already running.

- Add ``content_type`` route predicate for use by plugins.

devpi-web-2.6.0 (2016-1-29)

- fix issue305: read documentation html files in binary and let BeautifulSoup
                detect the encoding.

- require devpi-server >= 2.6.0

- support for ``pip search`` command on indexes

devpi-client-2.4.0 (2016-1-29)

- fix issue291: transfer file modes with vcs exports.  Thanks Sergey
  Vasilyev for the report.

- new option "--index" for "install", "list", "push", "remove", "upload" and
  "test" which allows to use a different than the current index without using
  "devpi use" before

- set ``index`` in ``[search]`` section of ``pip.cfg`` when writing cfgs, to
  support ``pip search``

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