[Distutils] Uploading to Warehouse

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl
Sat Jun 11 19:48:40 EDT 2016

Op 05/06/16 om 15:42 schreef Donald Stufft:
> Hey all,
> As anyone here who has uploaded anything to PyPI recently is aware of, PyPI's
> uploading routine has been in a semi broken state for awhile now. It will
> regularly raise a 500 error (but will often still record the release, but
> sometimes only a partial release).
> Well, the good news is, that Warehouse's upload routines should generally be
> good enough to use now. This will be more or less the same as if you uploaded
> to PyPI itself (they share a backing data store) but hitting the newer, better
> code base instead of the slowly decaying legacy code base.

I had problems uploading to PyPI recently, getting an error although the 
upload seemed to have gone fine in reality.
I did 8 uploads of Plone packages today using the warehouse url.
All have gone fine.

Thanks a lot, Donald!

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