[Distutils] Docker, development, buildout, virtualenv, local/global install

Reinout van Rees reinout at vanrees.org
Wed Jun 15 17:39:00 EDT 2016

Op 15-06-16 om 13:53 schreef Jim Fulton:
> 1. Creating production docker images works best when all you're doing
> is installing a bunch of  binary artifacts (e.g. .debs, eggs, wheels).

That's where pip and its "everything is in requirements.txt anyway" has 
an advantage. The buildouts I use always have most/all dependencies 
mentioned in the setup.py with version pins in the buildout config. So I 
need the setup.py and so I need my full source code as the setup.py 
won't work otherwise.

I *do* like to specify all "install_requires" items in my setup.py, so 
this is something I need to think about.

> 3. IMO, you're better off separating development and image-building
> workflows, with development feeding image building. Unfortunately,
> AFAIK, there aren't standard docker workflows for this, although I
> haven't been paying close attention to this lately.

docker-compose helps a little bit here in that you can "compose" your 
docker into several scenarios. It *does* mean you have to watch 
carefully what you're doing, as one of the goals of docker, as far as I 
see it, is to have a large measure of "production/development parity" as 
per the "12 factor app" manifesto (http://12factor.net/)

> 5. As far as setting up a build environment goes, just mounting a host
> volume is simple and works well and even works with docker-machine.
> It's a little icky to have linux build artifacts in my Mac
> directories, but it's a minor annoyance.  (I've also created images
> with ssh servers that I could log into and do development in.  Emacs
> makes this easy for me and provides all the development capabilities I
> normally use, so this setup works well for me, but probably doesn't
> work for non-emacs users. :) )

I, like any deranged (and effective) human being, have memorized lots of 
emacs shortcuts and will use it till the day I die. Sadly I have 
colleagues that are a little bit more sane :-)


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