[Distutils] Request for comment: Proposal to change behaviour of pip install

Pradyun Gedam pradyunsg at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 06:25:59 EDT 2016

Hello List!

There is currently a proposal to change the behaviour to pip install to
upgrade a package that is passed even if it is already installed.

This behaviour change is accompanied with a change in the upgrade strategy
- pip would stop “eagerly” upgrading dependencies and would become more
conservative, upgrading a dependency only when it doesn’t meet lower
constraints of the newer version of a parent. Moreover, the behaviour of pip
install --target would also be changed so that --upgrade no longer affects

A PEP-style write-up (
documents the reasoning behind this proposed change, what the change is and
some alternate proposals that were rejected in the discussions.

This is a request for comments on the pull-request implementing this
proposal (https://github.com/pypa/pip/pull/3806) for your views, thoughts
and possible concerns related to it.


Pradyun Gedam
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