[Distutils] question re: local development workflow / egg-info / synced directories

Chris Jerdonek chris.jerdonek at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 20:03:49 EDT 2016


I have a local development workflow question I'm looking for feedback
or suggestions on. It relates to installing things in editable mode in
conjunction with syncing source files to a VM.

I'm developing a Python project that is deployed / runs inside a
Docker container. I do my local development on a Mac, and I use the
following script to "sync" my local source files to the Docker


At Docker build time, the project source files are installed in
"editable" mode, which creates egg-info directories inside the source
directories in the Docker image.

When developing locally, however, the sync process mounts the synced
directory "over" the directory that was initialized at Docker-build
time. Thus the egg-info directories are missing from the synced
version of the directory.

Does anyone have any suggestions for handling this scenario?

The three possibilities I can think of are--

1. re-install the projects in the Docker container in editable mode
after mounting the synced directory (which is a bit hacky because
there is no obvious "hook" with the tools I'm using),

2. install the projects in editable mode locally on my Mac so the
egg-info directories will also sync over (but I'm not sure if egg-info
directories are sufficiently cross-platform), or

3. maybe there is a way to install things in "editable" mode that
doesn't require egg-info directories to be written alongside the
source files?

Does anyone have any suggestions? And does anyone know if (3) is possible?

Thanks a lot for any help,


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