[Distutils] ez_setup.py can not get setuptools

Benedek Zoltan benzolius at yahoo.com
Sun May 8 13:48:26 EDT 2016

Thanks for all the comments. I tried the get-pip.py script and installs successfully setuptools and pip.
Usually I installed virtualenv and setuptools from the install scripts: virtualenv.py, ez_setup.py and pip from pip-*.*.*.tar.gz.I liked this approach, because in this way I didn't affect the system by any of those packages, everything remained in the created virtualenv.
Now I have to change only my install script in order to use get-pip.py
Best regardsZoltan

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If you don’t have setuptools, you don’t have pip.

Not true anymore, pip is perfectly capable of running and installing things without setuptools now days. The only time you *need* setuptools installed is if you’re installing from a sdist (and setuptools has wheels, so you can install setuptools with pip withouth setuptools already being installed).
Donald Stufft
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