[Distutils] Current Python packaging status (from my point of view)

Matthew Brett matthew.brett at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 17:02:37 EDT 2016


On Wed, Nov 2, 2016 at 11:31 AM, Donald Stufft <donald at stufft.io> wrote:
> [1] There seems to be some animosity among pip supporters and conda
> supports, or at least a perception that there is. I’d just like to say that
> this isn’t really shared (to my knowledge) by the development teams of
> either project. I think everyone involved thinks folks should use whatever
> solution best allows them to solve whatever problem they are having.

I don't know whether there is animosity, but there is certainly
tension.  Speaking personally, I care a lot about having the option to
prefer pip.  There are others in the scientific community who feel we
should standardize on conda.   I think this is the cause of Chris'
frustration.  If we could all use conda instead of pip, then this
would make it easier for him in terms of packaging, because he would
not have to support pip  (Chris please correct me if I'm wrong).

Although there are clear differences in the audience for pip and
conda, there is also a very large overlap.   In practice the majority
of users could reasonably choose one or the other as their starting
point.    Of course, one may come to dominate this choice over the
other.  At the point where enough users become frustrated with the
lack of pip wheels, conda will become the default.   If pip wheels are
widely available, that makes the pressure to use conda less.  If we
reach this tipping point it will become wasteful of developer effort
to make pip wheels / conda packages, the number and quality of binary
packages will drop, and one of these package managers will go into



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