[Distutils] Role of distutils.cfg

Christoph Groth christoph at grothesque.org
Fri Nov 11 03:44:13 EST 2016

Nathaniel Smith wrote:

> It looks like you already have a ton of code that's looping over 
> various representations of your ext_modules and autogenerating 
> things...

Indeed, some of it could be IMHO interesting for inclusion into 
distutils/setuptools or whatnot.  For example if Cython is not to 
be run we warn if the the pyx files (and their dependencies) are 

> wouldn't it be fairly straightforward to have a bit more code to 
> automatically and unconditionally stick numpy.get_include() into 
> every extension's include_dirs?

Sure, that’s what we are going to do now.  I preferred the other 
solution since we have machinery in place that allows to redefine 
any parameter to any extension through a "build.conf" file.  Now 
if someone redefines include_dirs in "build.conf", they will have 
to add the numpy include path as well.  But that’s OK.
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