[Distutils] Packaging multiple wheels in the same archive

Nir Cohen nir36g at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 12:44:37 EST 2016

Hey all, 

As part of working on Cloudify (http://github.com/cloudify-cosmo) we've had 
to provide a way for customers to install our plugins in an environment 
where PyPI isn't accessible. These plugins are sets of Python packages 
which necessarily depend on one another (i.e. a regular python package with 

We decided that we want to package sets of wheels together created or 
downloaded by `pip wheel`, add relevant metadata, package them together 
into a single archive (tar.gz or zip) and use the same tool which packs 
them up to install them later on, on the destination hosts. 

We came up with a tool (http://github.com/cloudify-cosmo/wagon) to do just 
that and that's what we currently use to create and install our plugins. 
While wheel solves the problem of generating wheels, there is no single, 
standard method for taking an entire set of dependencies packaged in a 
single location and installing them in a different location. 

We thought it would be a good idea to propose a PEP for that and wanted to 
get your feedback before we start writing the proposal. Our proposed 
implementation is not the issue here of course, but rather if you think 
there should be a PEP describing the way multiple wheels should be packaged 
together to create a standalone installable package.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback on this. 

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