[Distutils] Buoldout2 e setup.py: install_requires ignored

Alessandro Dentella sandro at e-den.it
Wed Sep 14 03:05:55 EDT 2016

Hi Leonardo,

On Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 05:48:33PM -0300, Leonardo Rochael Almeida wrote:
> Hi Sandro,
> I don't know what your previous setup did, but in your current setup, your
> `buildout.cfg` is not configured to take your `setup.py` into account in
> any way.
> In the `eggs` setting, only `django`, `ipython` and `django-settings` are
> mentioned. To take your `setup.py` into account it should mention your
> package by name as well (by the way, please consider using a name that

thanks that was it. In fact I had it in the old configuration as
well. I somehow managed to drop it when starting anew.

Everything works well now.

Thanks to Fred and Jim as well


Sandro Dentella  *:-)
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