[Distutils] The Python Packaging Ecosystem (of Nick) Support for other programming languages

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 11:26:18 EDT 2017

On 7 April 2017 at 00:32, Thomas Güttler <guettliml at thomas-guettler.de> wrote:
> Dear Nick and other distutils listeners,
> Nick wrote this about seven months ago:
> http://www.curiousefficiency.org/posts/2016/09/python-packaging-ecosystem.html
> I love Python and I use it daily.
> On the other hand there are other interesting programming languages out
> there.
> Why not do "thinking in sets" here and see python just as one item in the
> list of a languages?
> Let's dream: All languages should be supported in the ever best packaging
> solution of the future.
> What do you think?

Package management that is both language and platform independent is
precisely the role conda fills, but as I explain in the post, that
doesn't eliminate the need for a language specific plugin manager for
Python runtimes (which is the role pip fills), and nor does it
eliminate the need for platform specific component managers (which is
the role filled by tools like apt-get, yum/dnf, OneGet, etc).

The language independent packaging problem is *way* out of scope for
distutils-sig as an entity though - while it's a genuine use case,
there are other more appropriate communities for discussing it (such
as those related to conda development).


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