[Distutils] new PyPI: a rant from a package maintainer

James Bennett ubernostrum at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 17:29:38 EDT 2017

Since I have less direct personal involvement, I'll say this:

Yes, there are problems. A lot of them are around documentation, and timing
of when things switch over (the whole Python packaging ecosystem has been
in a state of flux/rewrite for a while now; this is unfortunate, but also

Nobody *likes* this. Nobody *wants* this. Nobody *defends* this.

I get that this is really frustrating to someone who's brand new to trying
to use the tools and services. At times it's frustrating to me, and I've
been building and distributing Python packages through PyPI for something
like a decade now. But I think what you posted is more about lashing out in
anger than anything else, and while it feels good to yell and curse and
rant, it also doesn't really help anything to do so. The problems are
known, and they're being worked on, and the real root problem is a chronic
lack of people with time to keep plugging away at it and fixing problems
and implementing the improved solutions. The only way it gets better is by
supporting the people who are doing that, or becoming one of the people who
are doing that.

I'm sorry that you're frustrated. You're not the only person who's
frustrated, and in fact I'd bet a lot of the people who are trying to get
this stuff to work seamlessly and perfectly for you are at least as
frustrated as you are. They don't need more people yelling at them. They
know there's pain. They've had to face it every day for a long time.
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