[Distutils] new PyPI: a rant from a package maintainer

Chris Barker chris.barker at noaa.gov
Sat Aug 5 16:09:32 EDT 2017

one point:

I probably should have named it something other than /legacy/,

yes, it should have -- names matter! and having a "legacy" in teh name when
there is not "modern" or "current", or, indeed, anything else is very

 pypi.org, might as well get it all done at once. It might be reasonable to
> name it something else now, and just keep the /legacy/ around as an alias.
> I’m not sure if that adds or subtracts from the confusion, but if you think
> that would have helped you, please open a new issue on Warehouse.

I think that would be better -- something like "version1" something would
be more clear.

However, we have a major jumble of semi-out of date documentation scattered
all over teh internet -- so ANOTHER name change, might just make things
worse -- it's also confusing to have two names for the exact same thing!

tough call.

> HTTPError: 400 Client Error: Invalid file extension. for url:

The ability to upload anything besides sdists, wheels, and eggs was
deprecated and removed.

A nice message to that effect would be great.

Also -- I know that the various tools involved are maintained by different
people, but it sure would be nice if, for instance, the latest versions of
setuptools and twine would not try to upload non longer supported file

I've thought for a couple years that we need a setuptool-lite that would
ONLY do what we think is really should do -- but no one ele seemed to think
that would be useful.

> Maybe the tutorial is outdated, and TestPyPI supports auto-registration

I don’t think anyone has kept the tutorial on wiki.python.org up to date.
To be frank, I don’t even know how to update wiki.python.org.

Someone that does really needs to add a "this isn't updated, please see
packaging.python.org note on there !!

As far as keeping PyPI running as well as getting the new code base
> developed and deployed… that’s about it [2]. This is a service used by
> ~everyone in the Python community without even a single full time person on
> it.

This is a core service -- we really need to figure out a better way to keep
it maintained. I suspect the issue is project management, rather than
volunteers -- there are a heck of a lot of talented folks that depend on
these services.

Of course, I have no good ideas about how to move forward -- is there
anyone at the PSF that could take leadership on this?


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