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Paul Moore p.f.moore at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 10:38:03 EST 2017

The likelihood is, from your description, that you are typing the "pip
install openpyxl" command at the Python prompt, rather than the
Windows command line. Do you understand what the "command line" is on
your computer? If you're on Windows, it's what you get when you run
the "cmd" program (which shows in the start menu as "Command Prompt".
You may need to set your PATH environment variable to get access to
the pip command, but if that's something you are unsure about, "py -m
pip install openpyxl" (at the command prompt) should do what you want.

For a more detailed explanation, you should try
https://packaging.python.org/tutorials/installing-packages/ although
it does assume a basic familiarity with the command line, so you may
also need to google for some basic tutorials on how to use the command
line, to support the information in that link.

Hope this helps, and welcome to the Python community!


On 20 December 2017 at 03:30, Suchitrarani Ojha
<suchitraraniojha at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sir,
> I have recently downloaded python 3.6 version and I am  very new to python.I
> tried to  open excel files in python  using openpyxl but its shows"Module
> not found error".So I tried to install it using pip install openpyxl and it
> was showing Syntax error:'Invalid syntax'.Can you help me in resolving the
> issue.
> Regards
> suchitra
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