[Distutils] distlib and wheel metadata

Jim Fulton jim at jimfulton.info
Wed Feb 15 12:01:55 EST 2017

On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 11:55 AM, Freddy Rietdijk <freddyrietdijk at fridh.nl>

> > Sort of repeating my earlier question, but how often does this happen
> in reality?
> From a quick check in our repo we have patched about 1% of our packages to
> remove the constraints. We have close to 2000 Python packages. We don't
> necessarily patch all the constraints, only when they collide with the
> version we would like the package to use so the actual percentage is likely
> higher.
> Larger applications that have many dependencies that are fixed have been
> kept out of Nixpkgs for now. Their fixed dependencies means we likely need
> multiple versions of packages. While Nix can handle that, it means more
> maintenance. We have a tool that can take e.g. a requirements.txt file and
> generate expressions, but it won't help you much with bug-fix releases when
> maintainers don't update their pinned requirements.

I suppose this isn't a problem for Java applications, which use jar files
and per-application class paths.


Jim Fulton
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