[Distutils] RFC 2: PEP 541 - Package Index Name Retention

Chris Rose offline at offby1.net
Mon Jan 16 14:59:23 EST 2017

(copied from an email I erroneously sent to python-ideas@)

I want to address one gap in the PEP regarding reclaiming abandoned names:
Version reuse. The problem with reusing names is that existing applications
or installations that reference the old one, unless they pin the version
name precisely. Even in that case, I foresee issues with version collision,
especially if the abandoned project was well-versioned in the same model
(semver or otherwise) that the new project uses.

I'm deeply concerned by the idea of installer code suddenly picking up a
new project... with possibly different dependencies on its own, either with
old or clashing versions. I recognize it's going to be rare, but these
incidents will definitely impact the repeatability of builds depending on

I think the criteria for reuse of a name must include usage limits; if the
package is being downloaded on a steady basis by accounts that can't be
shown to belong to known integration systems, reuse should not be allowed.

Chris R.
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