[Distutils] RFC: PEP 541 - Package Index Name Retention

Dariusz Suchojad dsuch at zato.io
Mon Jan 16 18:31:50 EST 2017

On 17/01/17 00:22, Nick Coghlan wrote:
> Robert's referring to the fact that publishing a project sdist on PyPI can
> be quite helpful to redistributors, even if "pip install zato" just
> installs some helper libraries (or nothing at all) rather than a full Zato
> instance.
> Publishing at least a stub package with a README and setup.py that says
> "Zato is not pip installable, see <url> for details" would also provide a
> better experience for prospective users than a plain 404, provide the PyPI
> maintainers with a clear  explanation of how the namespace entry is being
> used, and the project with download metadata that gives an indication of
> how often this mistake is being made, and hence whether or not it's an
> installation method that might be worth supporting (even if it's just a
> shim around a "docker pull" command).

Thanks Nick and Robert, yes, that definitely makes sense. This is a nice
suggestion and resolution to my worry.


Dariusz Suchojad

ESB, SOA, REST, APIs and Cloud Integrations in Python

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