[Distutils] Provide separate development and documentation URLs in PyPI metadata?

Brett Cannon brett at python.org
Sat Jun 24 13:34:35 EDT 2017

When you go to PyPI.org for a project you will find a link to the
"homepage". Now for some projects that's their development site, e.g.
GitHub URL. For others it's their documentation site, e.g. Read the Docs.
And not all projects link to both from their PyPI page (e.g. yesterday I
noticed flit didn't directly link to its doc site, although Thomas fixed
this when I pointed it out).

So my question/idea is if it would make sense to have separate, explicit
development and documentation URLs in the PyPI metadata? For me that would
make a project's PyPI page a true homepage as I would know that no matter
what I could find where it's developed or where the docs are by going to
PyPI. This compares to now where either I gamble and go to PyPI in hopes
the developer provided the link there or hope I craft the right search on
Google (which based on my search yesterday for [Sphinx makefile] shows I
don't always succeed at).

Anyway, just an idea I had based on my flit experience yesterday plus a
tweet sent to me. (And if PyPI already supports this somehow then Thomas
should brace for the feature request from me 😉.)
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