[Distutils] Provide separate development and documentation URLs in PyPI metadata?

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Jun 27 11:56:08 EDT 2017

On Jun 24, 2017, at 05:34 PM, Brett Cannon wrote:

>So my question/idea is if it would make sense to have separate, explicit
>development and documentation URLs in the PyPI metadata?

Wholehearted +1

I already use PyPI as the first stop for finding out about a library or Python
project.  I have a nice Chrome search shortcut to do a search, and once I've
found the PyPI page I have a much greater chance of finding a link to
upstream.  Regardless of whether that points to the development site or the
documentation site, I can usually find a way back to the other one.

Still, I'd love for it to be much more explicit.

I also think pythonhosted should be deprecated if it's not already.  It's kind
of more of a pain than useful these days.

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