[Distutils] setuptools 33.1.1 - 35 issue with source package install from pypi

Matt Joyce matt at nycresistor.com
Mon May 22 15:39:46 EDT 2017


has full info on what i am seeing, but it suffices to say:

I use setuptools in my setup.py
I iterate a requirements.txt file to satisfy dependencies.
I publish as sdist to pypi

my package used to work fine as it currently is on pypi.  however as of
late i've been seeing the python setup.py invocation ( from pip install
python-symphony ) fail with a couple different failure scenarios.

one is it attempting to install what looks like a binary wheel ( that
doesn't exist on pypi or anywhere ) that ends up being a bunch of blank
stubs.   the other is a situation where the package looks 100% correct in
site-packages, but none of the module components are registered when you
try to use the imported module.

pip install --isolated --no-cache-dir python-symphony seems to avoid the
issue.  but it also tends to do weird stuff like break bpython by messing
up the pygments install.

curious if anyone was familiar with some sort of bug that i am stumbling
into here.

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