[Distutils] Facing a strange issue while uploading my package using devpi

Vinay Sharma vinays75 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 15:39:42 EDT 2018

I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask this question. If it is not
then please ignore this email and point me to the right forum (if anyone

I have a Jenkins Job to build my Python Package. At the end of this Jenkins
Job there are bunch of commands to upload the recently build Python Package
to devpi server.

When I am trying to upload my application distribution using following
command "devpi upload" in Jenkins I am getting an the following error :-

my_application.tar.gz: does not contain PKGINFO, skipping

I have checked everything and everything looks to be good like I have the
proper README.rst etc from which the proper PKG-INFO file should be

Any pointers would be a great help...

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