[Distutils] Facing a strange issue while uploading my package using devpi

John Thorvald Wodder II jwodder at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 16:54:15 EDT 2018

> On 2018 Apr 2, at 15:39, Vinay Sharma <vinays75 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask this question. If it is not then please ignore this email and point me to the right forum (if anyone knows).

This might be a Python packaging problem, or it might be a devpi problem.  We won't know until it's solved; such is the nature of problems.

> I have a Jenkins Job to build my Python Package. At the end of this Jenkins Job there are bunch of commands to upload the recently build Python Package to devpi server. 
> When I am trying to upload my application distribution using following command "devpi upload" in Jenkins I am getting an the following error :-
> my_application.tar.gz: does not contain PKGINFO, skipping

Is the "application distribution" that you're trying to upload actually an sdist (source distribution) or just a normal tarball?  The only kind of tarballs that Python package indices deal with are sdists, which are made with either `python setup.py sdist` (if you're using setuptools) or `flit build --format=sdist` (if you're using flit).

> I have checked everything and everything looks to be good like I have the proper README.rst etc from which the proper PKG-INFO file should be generated.

*Is* the PKG-INFO file generated and included in the tarball, though?

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