[Distutils] Twine 1.10.0rc1 on Test PyPI

Sumana Harihareswara sh at changeset.nyc
Sun Mar 4 21:33:24 EST 2018

My current guess is that if the RC were on https://pypi.org, rather than
https://test.pypi.org, Travis would be able to grab it using PIP_PRE.

On 03/03/2018 03:09 PM, Cosimo Lupo wrote:
> Maybe you could try writing a pip configuration file in $HOME/.config/pip/pip.conf (or /etc/pip.conf). Travis dpl must be using pip to download twine, and pip should be able to look there for a `pre` option.
> (I just guess, haven’t tried myself)
> --
> Cosimo
> Il 3 mar 2018, 18:30 +0000, Jason R. Coombs <jaraco at jaraco.com>, ha scritto:
>> I tried but as you can see in this job, the environment variables aren’t honored, so it seems I cannot test a twine release in Travis. At this point, I think I’ll just wait for the official release.
>>> On 3 Mar, 2018, at 11:17, Jason R. Coombs <jaraco at jaraco.com> wrote:
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>>> Feedback
>>> Thanks for working on this!
>>> In my particular use-case, I rarely run twine myself, but instead rely on the Travis-CI DPL routine. Looking at that code, I don’t see any means I have to test a pre-release version.
>>> Given the presumably broad impact this one use-case has, it would be nice if there were a way to test it against pre-release versions of twine (and maybe also wheel, pip, and setuptools). Perhaps it would be worthwhile to propose a hook to that project to enable the versions of those projects to be specified for selective testing.
>>> Oh, I just had an idea - perhaps one could set the PIP_PRE environment variable and that would affect the install and allow the pre-release to be tested. I’ll give that a go.
>>>> On 3 Mar, 2018, at 11:06, Sumana Harihareswara <sh at changeset.nyc> wrote:
>>>> Wrong URL (did I mention I'm new at this?). View 1.10.0rc1, including a
>>>> fairly spiffy new README, at:
>>>> https://test.pypi.org/project/twine/1.10.0rc1/ -- and please pass word
>>>> along to our downstreams.
>>>> -Sumana
>>>> On 03/02/2018 05:32 PM, Sumana Harihareswara wrote:
>>>>> (So it turns out I've taken on a volunteer gig, which is that I'm now
>>>>> one of the Twine maintainers. I may be wrong about how to do this -
>>>>> please feel free to comment on https://github.com/pypa/twine/pull/314
>>>>> which is where I'm pulling together a new release checklist for myself.)
>>>>> https://test.pypi.org/manage/project/twine/release/1.10.0rc1/
>>>>> This is a release candidate for Twine 1.10.0 which I'm planning to
>>>>> release early next week.
>>>>> This release improves project registration usage text (in some cases
>>>>> removing it where inapplicable), and updates `--repository[-url]` usage
>>>>> text, prints progress to `stdout` instead of `stderr`, improves the
>>>>> progressbar, and reorganizes and improves user and developer documentation.
>>>>> Please see the changelog
>>>>> https://twine.readthedocs.io/en/latest/changelog.html for detailed notes
>>>>> under "Next feature release".
>>>>> I believe this is how you test it out:
>>>>>  pip install --upgrade --pre --index-url https://test.pypi.org/simple/
>>>>> --extra-index-url https://pypi.org/simple twine
>>>>> Please check existing open issues at
>>>>> https://github.com/pypa/twine/issues and open new ones if you have
>>>>> problems. Thanks!
>>>> --
>>>> Sumana Harihareswara
>>>> Changeset Consulting
>>>> https://changeset.nyc

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