[Distutils] new stuff overview, beta next week, user tests, & other Warehouse updates

Sumana Harihareswara sh at changeset.nyc
Wed Mar 14 02:39:05 EDT 2018

The new PyPI is still working towards our big public beta[1]. We have 7
open issues till we'll declare beta and make an outreach push (probably
late this week or early next week), and then 19 more open issues till we
can redirect/launch PyPI[2] probably in April (overview[3]). I've
started preparing a draft overview of what's new in
PyPI/packaging/distribution[4] to publicize along with the beta; it says
"not to be publicized" but I'll let you in on the secret early. Maybe
something in it is new to you as well!

As usual, we had a Warehouse core developers' meeting on Monday[5]. The
last week has seen a lot of polish and bugfixing and documentation for
Warehouse. For instance, project deletion is cleaner[6], we more
consistently indicate dangerous actions on a page[7], and there's now a
migration guide for third-party services[8] which we told several
projects about[9]. We've done some infrastructural work, like Datadog
instrumentation[10],  "Conveyor" (a shim for URL redirects)[11],  and
Cabotage improvements[12]. Here's an animated GIF demo of release phase
commands (scale up, scale down).[13] And we improved other codebases as
well, to fix Travis docs[14], get our HTTPS proxy service to deal with
big embedded images[15], and deal better with parsing invalid URLs in
Thanks to volunteers who got pull requests merged this week:
 * waseem[17]: we now send an email to primary email whenever primary
   email is changed
 * mds325[18]: clear input when the user closes the modal * dirn[19]: create a shortlink and redirect all requests for
   /p/<project>/ to /project/<project>/ * cryvate[20]: clarify project counter for searches with tons of
   results * Mariatta[21]: fix an email-sending issue 

And thanks to our many bug reporters, such as Andrew Nesbitt who noticed
an RSS feed discrepancy[22].

Check out the current discussion[23] of API keys, a bearer token
authentication scheme, and Macaroons in future PyPI.

Want to help?
 * Talk with Nicole about being a subject or interviewer for user
   tests![24]  She's been focusing on user tests and it's paid off, with
   a lot of bugs found and designs validated. * Got a good workaround for our CAPTCHA being blocked in  China[25]?
 * Consider joining us at sprints[26] in the next few months.
 * We have 24 good first issues open[27], and a "getting started"[28]
   guide, and quick turnaround on code review.
*Thanks to Mozilla Open Source Support[29] for their funding[30] for the
PyPI & Warehouse work.*
Sumana Harihareswara
Warehouse project manager
Changeset Consulting
sh at changeset.nyc

P.S. Usually I compose these weekly report emails in plain text; here
     I'm doing it in HTML with a plaintext fallback. Let me know if it's
     better, awful, etc. Also nearly no one *replies* to these emails so
     I'd also welcome your "hey this is useful to me!" offlist reply.

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