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Nikita Demchenko omfgnuts at checkio.org
Fri Dec 19 14:46:12 CET 2014


 *              CheckiO: Game for Coder Beings*


         *Hey, what’s up PyPeople,*

I wanted to intoduce to you our beloved project — CheckiO
<http://checkio.org>. CheckiO is the game for Python Coders and an open
platform for AI programming. We see a lot of coders using CheckiO to pump
up their skill by solving various tasks. Play interesting coding based
games and check solutions of others to check how other dealt with task.

Or to teach others and show that coding is fun! You can even use CheckiO as
resource for solving your tasks, create and publish challenge and watch how
people all over the world are solving it for you!

We would love to hear your feedback or simply see CheckiO being helpful to
you in any possible way.
             *Try CheckiO



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