[Django-india] [ANN] Book on "Django Design Patterns and Best Practices" and Giveaways

Arun Ravindran arunvr at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 16:44:44 CEST 2015

*** Promotional Post ***


I am Arun Ravindran. I writes articles on Django at http://arunrocks.com .

Recently my book titled "Django Design Patterns and Best Practices"
<http://djangopatternsbook.github.io/> got published. It is written for
intermediate and advanced Django developers. You can know more about the
book in my previous blog post

We are running a Twitter contest to give away four free copies. The first
question has been tweeted here:

The book can be purchased from various online outlets
<http://djangopatternsbook.github.io/#buy>. The paperback edition is
imported so it might be expensive. The ebook version is quite affordable at
Rs. 456.

If you have any suggestions or questions about the book, please feel free
to write to me.

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