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Hi ,

As everyone is aware PyCon India 2015 is held in Bangalore on Oct 2nd - 4th
2015. PyCon India is a volunteer driven event, we have conducted six PyCon
India conferences so far and the upcoming 2015 conference is 7th year.
We have improved a lot throughout these 6 years and this year will be a
great one too.

Sponsorship makes the event accessible and affordable to the widest
possible audience and we are looking for sponsors.

   -  PyCon India Banners and Posters speak about you and advertise your
   -  Opportunity to speak to other Python developers(more than 1000) and
   recruit them in a single place.
   -  You get free passes where you are allowed to explore the
   opportunities in Python world and expand your business sitting in a
   professional stall in PyCon India. You can demo your products, engage your
   visitors with technical discussions, share and learn, distribute goodies
   all up to you how you want to market your company!
   -  There is no other event in India which attracts people from zero
   experience and all the way through Python standard library contributors.
   -  Organization of strength 10, can avail  50% discount or become
   Associate sponsor.

For more information: https://in.pycon.org/2015/sponsorship.html

Interested? Reach us @ sponsorship at in.pycon.org and tell us the slot you
are looking for. Contribute back to the community by helping PyCon India
and Python community in India to grow.

Spread the word.
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