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vijay kumar vnbang2003 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 08:07:03 EST 2015

Hi ,

Am reaching out to community to request help in creating awareness of
PythonExpress project. It would be great if you can allocate 5 minutes time
slot in your local meetup to speak about PythonExpress.

What is PythonExpress?
    It is an initiative of PSSI to connect Colleges/Organisations with
Python tutor/developers in order to conduct workshops in their colleges on
various python related topics like Python 101, Web development,
Scientific   computing,
Devops and others. These workshop are conducted free of cost, but we
request college/organisation to bare travel and accommodation expense of

I also request local user group to signup as organisation so you can add
workshop request when you conduct the workshops as part of the local
College lectures/students in the group can register their college and
request for workshops.

Please do help by forwarding this email to other FOSS communities you are
member of which will help in creating awareness.

We are even looking for regional leads to manage the workshop requests
based on states. To sign up as regional lead, please use contact us form
and provide us your username and email id you used to sign-in in

Please join mailing list[3] and share your suggestions/inputs on how to
take it forward.
You can follow us on twitter [4] as well.

Note: Since this software [2] was an effort of set of volunteers in a short
span of time (30 days), it is still not completely stable. Feedback or
suggestions are welcome on the website. Request you to raise issues in
Github repo[1]

[1] GitHub link: https://github.com/pythonindia/wye
[2] Website: http://beta.pythonexpress.in
[3] Mailing list:
[4] Twitter: https://twitter.com/pythonexpress/

Apologies for off topic email.

With Thanks
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