[Django-india] [X-POST][InPycon] Open source project for Dev sprint of Pycon India 2016

Jaysinh Shukla jaysinhp at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 05:19:53 EDT 2016

Dear members,

     As you know we are arranging large 3 days Dev sprint this year, we 
are expecting best Open source projects in it. We had started preparing 
list of popular Open source projects [here](http://goo.gl/bWPcyz).

What we are expecting?

* Open sheet, observe the mention projects. If you know someone (maybe 
from India, In India) nicely contributing to that project write his 
contact details there.

* If you are contributor of any popular Open source project, CFP is 
open. Submit your proposal 

* If you are active in any Open source community, please feel free to 
invite them to submit CFP to Dev sprint.

We have prepared list of below projects

  * Angular.js
  * Ansible
  * Bazaar
  * Blender
  * Buildbot
  * Celery
  * coala
  * CPython
  * d3
  * Django
  * Flask
  * GNU Mailman
  * gstreamer
  * IPython
  * KDE
  * Kivy
  * Liatris
  * Lidar
  * Linux
  * Marcurial
  * Mayavi
  * Odoo
  * Open Day Light
  * Open Stack
  * Pandas
  * PySpark
  * react
  * Scala
  * Sci-kit learn
  * Scipy
  * Scrapy
  * Tryton

I request you, to suggest / invite people who are active in above projects.

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