[Django-india] PyCon India 2018 Workgroup | Nominations are OPEN

Shashank Kumar abc at shanky.xyz
Tue Mar 27 05:06:13 EDT 2018

Hello folks,

I hope you guys must be excited about this year PyCon India conference.
A conference can never be possible without volunteer workforce being it.
This is your chance to help out. This mail is regarding workgroup
formation for the various teams required for PyCon India 2018.  Before
we begin, I would like to state the below to avoid any confusion.

*Workgroup*- Core group of people responsible for the execution of tasks
mandated for a given team.  The workgroup is also responsible for
setting guidelines on the team's working. As a community, we can come to
a consensus about people involved in a workgroup. Typically, we could
have 4-6 people per workgroup. It would also be great to have
representation from various active Python communities so that the
conference works as a comprehensive effort by everybody. 

*Volunteers*- The workgroup along with the volunteers execute the
various tasks in the shape and form as agreed within the workgroup.
Ideally, anybody and everybody who want to contribute to the given team
can sign up as volunteers.  Please note, a call for volunteers will
follow once workgroups are created. 

At this point, we need workgroups to be formed for the following teams. 
I have also mentioned the names of the HydPy Moderators for each of the

1. *Website/Design*- Chirag Choudary/Ananyo Maiti
2. *CFP/Sessions*- Ramanathan R/Divya
3. *Sponsorship*- Chirag Choudhary/Kanchan
4. *Social Media*- Sanchit Balchandani

I request the community to come forward and nominate yourself for being
part of a workgroup.  Please fill the google form
<https://goo.gl/forms/gUjqKPKi8Imhtjgn1%29>to nominate yourself.  The
nomination process would be closed by *March 28th*. Please note, this is
*not* a call for volunteers, and hence it would be great to have people
with some experience in respective/similar workgroups. 

Request nobody to get offended as we are asking for prior experience.
Given that this is the first time we are trying out the workgroup model
it would be great if people with expertise come forward and set the
process so that the baton could be passed on to anybody interested from
next year.

Team PyCon India 2018
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