[PYTHON DOC-SIG] Structured Text Module

Jim Fulton jim.fulton@digicool.com
Mon, 05 Aug 1996 15:58:26 -0400


Some time ago I told some folks about a module I have for converting
structured text to HTML.  I suggested that this would be useful
when generating documentation for python modules.  Well, I'm finally 
getting around to releasing it.  To find out about the structured text
module, see:


Or you can get the module itself at:


I wrote this while working on my own module documentation tool,


I'm releasing this both as an example of using StructuredText and as a
source of ideas for improving gendoc.  Some ideas perhaps worth 

  - A first cut at supporting built-in types.  This is not much 
    use without my meta-type module or MESS. 
  - Use of meta-data alone.  No parsing of python code is done.
    This is important if we want to document built-in modules.
    And I do.
  - Use of structured text to provide pretty rich text formatting
    capabilities while keeping the text readable.


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