[PYTHON DOC-SIG] Re: Do reference/user docs exist for the Py* API?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik_lundh@ivab.se
Tue, 20 Aug 1996 22:33:49 +0200

> I will initially move this discussion from the main list to the
> doc-sig@python.org list.

Ok, I'll better hang on :-)

> I'd like to generate one or more template documents automatically
> from the C source or some other easily created template file that I
> can then make available to people with an interest in completing
> individual sections.

Here's a start...

# translate rename2.h into a simple document template

import string

entries = []
for s in open("rename2.h").readlines():
    s = string.split(s)
    if len(s) == 3 and s[0] == "#define":
	entries.append((s[2], s[1]))


for n, o in entries:
	print n
	print "\tThis function ..."
	print "\tOld name: %s" % o


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