Richard Jones richard.jones@bom.gov.au
Thu, 08 Feb 1996 04:44:16 GMT

	OK, I've been in this SIG for a whole day now!
	Can I expect any traffic?  I guess I'm kinda used to Matrix-SIG :)

	1. Is there any significant difference b/w 1.2 and 1.3 docs?  I printed a 
whole swag of 1.2 docs and am loathe to redo the lot...
	2. If I produce a diff on the LaTeX source for various bits of the Lib 
doc (for example), who should I give it to so it'll be used?
	3. What's happening wrt. a standard document format?  The intro refers to 
Linuxdoc and a suggestion by Bill Janseen.  Where can I obtain information 
on the latter? 

	Please, if these are obvious/common questions, then don't hesitate to 
email directly to me...

	I'm specifically interested in producing up-to-date doc for some of the 
Library reference sections -- time for one example (detail is required - 
this one looks like it was thrown together), and regex another (what 
exactly _is_ a regular expression - I had to learn through trial & error 
.. and hassling friends).  I'd also like to `finish' anywhere else it 
refers the reader to the `C function of the same name'.  This is mostly 
for my own use - I'm sick and tired of having to look up C references and 
manual pages when the information could all be in one place...

	I have _some_ spare time to devote to this.  But I'd like to know that it 
wouldn't be pointless...


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