Daniel Larsson dlarsson@sw.seisy.abb.se
Mon, 08 Jul 1996 13:14:11 +0200

Fred L. Drake wrote:
>   Ouch; I suppose this is what I get for being an "early adopter,"
> but... it turns out I released a module in the version of the modified
> docco which doesn't have everything needed when running Python 1.3.
> Specifically, the file v1.3/token.py is missing some predicates that
> are defined in the v1.4/token.py module.  These functions can simply
> be copied over from the 1.4 version of the file, or you can fetch the
> (fixed) version of the archive file.
>   Sorry!
>   (Yes, at least one person has actually downloaded the package, so I
> really had to announce this fix....)
>   -Fred

I also noticed that due to the change you did in class ASTWalker
where you walk over symbol.sym_name to fill in self.d_node_map,
the former module() method should now be called file_input().
This needs to be fixed in the Doc.py too (it is correct in
FancyDoc.py though).
Daniel Larsson, ABB Industrial Systems AB

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