[DOC-SIG] SGML Working Group

Paul Prescod papresco@technologist.com
Thu, 18 Dec 1997 03:09:48 -0500

I have been encouraged to discuss SGML stuff in the doc-sig. This is my
first posting there on this topic (well, as part of an actual
project...) SGML/XML interested people should join us there for this
discussion. (please followup there, not in comp.lang.python)

I would like to urge that the first order of business is a mandate for
our "working group" and I propose the following one:

This working group exists in order to standardize classes, interfaces
and software for the processing of SGML documents (including the XML

Concrete goals of the first few months should include:

 * Python version of the World Wide Web Consortium "Document Object
Model" SGML-tree API (this should be a straightforward translation of
IDL to Python)

 * Development of Python-specific event based and tree APIs for
processing of SGML documents. (perhaps inspired by similar efforts in
the Java or C++ worlds and the existing Python SGML processing packages)

 * Development of a validating XML parser that would serve to make XML
competitive in XML processing.

 * Development of a filter for the output of NSGMLS that generates the
events defined in our API.

 * Tool for converting events from our API into a DOM tree.

Other (longer range?) goals might include:

 * Embedding of Python into James Clark's C++ SP library.

 * Wrapping of C++ SP and Grove API with our Python-specific APIs.

 * Development of higher level tools for SGML processing (e.g. a
DSSSL-like tool, an "XML-Writer" library, an XML browser for Grail etc.)

Comments (in doc-sig) please.

 Paul Prescod

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