Ka-Ping Yee kryee@wheat.uwaterloo.ca
Tue, 11 Feb 1997 15:10:12 -0500

Fred Drake wrote:
> So how many of us have any knowledge or experience in DTD
> development?

Hm.  Well, i hung around on the HTML working group list for
quite a while and watched what was going on, and was thus
interested enough to go find out more about how SGML works.
That definitely does not make me a DTD expert, but i think
i'd be able to put one together.  Making one that will last
is, of course, another issue.

The proposed XML specification contains some examples and
prose that show how to construct DTD fragments.

Perhaps one of the advantages of working in SGML is that we
can use the existing SGMLParser stuff, and define Python
functions under that to process individual elements?
Another alternative is to use James Clark's nsgmls parser
and then examine the output from that, which is emitted in
a straightforward list of commands, one per line.  I think
the LinuxDoc people use this approach.

However, there is the issue of embedded documentation.  I
suspect that many people will not want to enter SGML when
they are editing docstrings for classes or functions, yet
still desire the power of a "real document" to write
reference material, so that we'll have to decide on two
basic source formats.


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