[PYTHON DOC-SIG] Re: DTD's for Python (fwd)

Mark Hammond MHammond@skippinet.com.au
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 12:41:55 +1000

> >we're once again considering what the right way to encode the Python
> >documentation is, especially the library reference.  Right now it's in
> >pretty simple LaTeX, but we'd like to go to a real markup language, with
> >all the advantages that represents.

I admit to not following this too closely, not knowing many of the 
tools being discussed (or even what the TLA's stand for :-)

But would it make sense to beef up gendoc?  gendoc could parse the 
.py, and possibly other special purpose doco files.

This would seem perfect for the library doco - you end up with a very 
nice tool built in Python, and also a whole lot more documentation 
that has the same "look and feel" as the .lib documentation.

For reference documentation especially, I feel it important to keep 
it close to the sources.  This may not be appropriate for the 
tutorial etc, but it seems we are missing a "general" opportunity to 
really further beef up _all_ (including future :-) Python documentation.
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