[PYTHON DOC-SIG] Observations about gendoc.

Mark Hammond MHammond@skippinet.com.au
Sun, 16 Feb 1997 21:40:29 +1000

> Thats all for today!
>         Is that today or yesterday, and if so what are you doing 
>         tomorrow... oh forget it.
Hey - its tomorrow today!

And today, Im hacking even more relentlessly...

Ive decided my previous "ni" hacks are inappropriate.  My strategy 
now is:
* In gendoc.py, wrote a new collector called "ni_collect()".  This 
does a file system search of sub-modules, and imports them all! 
(honouring the skiplist, etc)
* doc_collect has a new collector called "PackageCollector" - 
currently sub-classes from ModuleCollector, but should probably be 
rolled into it.
* Changed some of the generate stuff to be recursive.  Thus, the list 
of manpages is now a list of [manpage|list of manpages], etc.

All this leads to a nice heriarchical index of the entire package.

So my questions:
* Does this sound reasonable?  The recursive changes mean that it 
still works as before.  This _seems_ the correct design for ni, which 
is recursive by nature.  This could possibly be put to good use 

* Re the index.  How should I generate it?  With no frame, an
indented list seems right.  But if I have frames, an indented list
will be too "wide".  Best thing that comes to mind is some sort of
nested set of index pages or something...Maybe dont use an actual
HTML list (eg, heading levels) , to keep the width down.  How about
generating for an MSIE tree control :-):-)
Any advice on this?

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