[PYTHON DOC-SIG] New ni style example.

Mark Hammond MHammond@skippinet.com.au
Sat, 1 Mar 1997 09:56:19 +1000

> Ahh well... IMHO The indentation is far too wide..

Im glad we all agree here.

In this particular case, one obvious problem is that _all_ objects 
are shown in the index.  IMO, it would be vastly improved if only 
modules and sub-modules were included in the index.  Unfortunately, 
the index generater has long ago lost what the original objects are - 
it only has the man-pages and filenames.  This would be a reasonable 
change, to have the index generator work from the collectors too.

And another Microsoft-centric rant, which I'd like to pass by you 
all.  Microsoft is moving its entire help system to HTML!!!  It is 
doing this in 2 ways:
* By adding special keyword and indexing tags to the HTML standard, 
and submitting them for approval.  Apparently, the relevant body 
modified it, renamed it, and ratified it.
* By designing yet another something-or-other which allows many HTML 
files to be concatenated into some sort of container, including I 
think compression.  They will then submit this to whoever does this 

The special tags for indexing and keywords are something I would find 
particularly useful - (even necessary) - the C based .HLP generator I 
have still produces far far superior documentation than HTMLgen - and 
largely for these reasons.

Is anyone else interested in this?  I definately wont find the time
to look at this on my own, and Id really like to get gendoc where it
makes really really  good documentation - I fear my new optimism for
all this stuff will wane...

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